What’s so special about our Naughty Brownies?

A love of baking from scratch, combined with the finest ingredients and truly unique flavors, have resulted in our euphoric Naughty brownies, our one of a kind Vintage Cakes and gourmet cookies.

Always made to order and in small batches, our unique flavor combinations are created to tantalize your taste buds — and put a smile of satisfaction on your face.

Well obviously, these are not your ordinary brownies. We are talking not one, not two but three layers of indulgence, starting with a layer of cookie dough, then an Oreo layer and finally topped with Ooey, gooey, fudgy, chewy brownie layer. The best confirmation of the decadence of these little bits of goodness is when you hear the description given by our clients.

Thank You Everyone!

We've changed the company's name! I want to thank all of my clients for the way they embraced our products especially the Very Naughty Brownie. Due to its wild popularity and intense interest, we've decided to rebrand the company and change the name from my beloved "Sableh Sweet & Savory, to the nickname most of you have branded me with "Miss Naughty Brownie".


The Naughty Brownies are HEAVENLY!! Dangerous!!! Best dessert ever!!!
— M.Hubbard


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